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Aug 8, 2020 - Golden Hearts’ 10th year anniversary

Golden Hearts’ 10th year anniversary

Summer 2010 was the beginning of it all… 18 years old, and only the slightest idea of what this world was all about. I set foot to do something that I could only think of in my wildest dreams. I mean, come on…who was I at 18 years old to go out and ask for donations for an organization I had just named, and created within my own home? I surely didn’t think I could do it...but I tried. I asked our friends, and friends invited their friends. We barely knew anyone, or where to start from in Vietnam, but we took it step by step, day by day. We never let fear, disappointment, or difficulties get in the way of our goals —> “To help the children in need”. Today, 10 years into Golden Hearts’ journey, I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far. We have touched lives of thousands of children, we have helped hundreds of students continue their education, and most importantly together we have given them the gift of HOPE and have given them an opportunity to flourish. The countless children I’ve seen, the less fortunate students striving for a better tomorrow, the humbling experiences shared, the memories I’ve made all make me who I am today. It’s impossible to sum everything up in a few sentences, but if you’ve read this far, I hope you’ve had a chance to look at the countless pictures, watched videos of our mission trips through the years, and feel touched by a child in need… Because without you, this journey would not be possible! In just several months, we will be celebrating Golden Hearts’ 10th year anniversary. I hope that you can all open up your kind hearts to make this gala possible. Without you, we could not have achieved so much and we sincerely need your help again! We are graciously looking for SPONSORS who can help make this event possible. Please join hands with Golden Hearts again so that together we can make a change.

To become a sponsor, please email us at:

1. Dr Vu Nguyen & Kayla Nguyen - Platinum

2. Dr Christopher & Sabrina Do - Platinum

3. David and Helen Fong - Gold

4. Ngoc Thao from Golden Trust - Gold

5. Anonymous(DD) - Gold

6. Anonymous(AH) - Gold

7. Burak Oztas & Anita Lee - Silver

8. BíchLien N & DenisMa N - Silver

9. Shailesh Godbole - Bronze

10. Túy Dương - Bronze

11. Trung Lâm &Evan Huynh Group - Silver

12. VR SQUAD - Bronze

13. PN Real Estate Group - Silver

14. Loan Factory - Gold

15. Blooming Hearts - Gold

16. New York Life Eagle Team - Gold

17. VET - Silver

18. EV Princess - Bronze

19. Lee Sandwiches - Bronze

20. New World Dental - Bronze

21. Vampire Penguin - Gold


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