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Dec 25, 2017 - Kiên Giang

Like I've always said, even if the difference doesn't change their life, it will at least bring a smile to their faces during this tough time. Perhaps it is fate that I am crossing these people's paths, or they are crossing mine. Perhaps it is fate that you have crossed my path and have faith in me to carry your love to these people. Thank you once again for your support and love...You guys are the reason why I am here today on my journey to bring light and joy to the unfortunate.

Thank you to the generous sponsors, friends, and volunteers who have made this year's 2017 mission possible. Your contributions lit their dream, empowering them to continue striving for success despite their circumstances. We hope to have your continuous support so that together we can light more dreams

"one child at a time"

1. House of Love # 4

Trương Ngọc Thạch - Go Quao Kien Giang

Thank you to an anonymous friend for donating this home to Thach's family. Your support and generosity will truly transform their lives.

She and her sister live with their parents. Her home lacks access to electricity because of its remote location. Her dad works away from home on a fish farm, helping raise fish and infusoria (fish food), so he rarely comes home. Her mom works in a factory from 4 AM to 6 PM. Everyday, she gets up at 4:30 AM to do homework, cook, eat breakfast, and go to school with her younger sister. The two of them share a bicycle, so on days she has classes in the morning and afternoon, she has to leave the bicycle at school for her sister and walk home to have lunch and prepare for the afternoon class session. Because their home does not have electricity, the kids have to study under oil-lamps. On rainy days, she and her sister cannot ride their one bike to school because of the muddy and slippery road. Sometimes they ride the bike to school in the morning, but have to leave the bike at their paternal grandma's house to walk home because of the rain. Also on days that they have to wear the Vietnamese Ao Dai to school, they also have to sleep over at their grandma’s house to avoid getting mud on their dresses. A heartfelt thank you from Trương Ngoc Thạch, a scholarship and House of Love receipt from Golden Hearts. "Ms. Kieu, Jessica and everyone. After looking back at these moments, I could not control my emotions. I could not believe how happy I was, yet I cried…It’s probably because I was crying tears of joy and happiness. I must be the happiest person in this world, because of the love and comfort you all have given me; the encouragement and support to help me overcome all the obstacles of life so that I can continue my education. You all did not mind the distance, the trouble, and the difficulties to travel to such a remote and secluded place to help me. I really do not know what to say or what I can do to thank everyone. I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank everyone so much for helping me. I promise I will study hard and strive to become a good person, and a good citizen to give back to society. I promise to never let you down. The wonderful things that you have gifted me, I will always remember. It will be cherished in my heart and mind and will accompany me in my journey ahead. I truly thank everyone. " - Truong Ngoc Thach


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