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Childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.

Golden Hearts' mission is to provide access to education for academically talented, but financially disadvantaged students in Vietnam.

100% of your donation goes directly to recipients.


This Is Us


Founded in 2010, Golden Hearts is a volunteer based organization with a focus in improving lives through education. Golden Hearts provides access to education for academically talented but financially disadvantaged students.

We also believe in the overall well being of these children, which includes providing them with basic necessities for survival, and at times even ensuring there is a roof over their head. 


Golden Hearts is all volunteer based - none of our members are paid for the work we do, including our founders. This means all expenses including airfare, transportation, boarding, etc. are paid for out of the volunteer’s own pocket.  We are driven by passion and the belief that every child deserves equal access to education, enabling the most disadvantaged to create a better future for themselves.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”    -Nelson Mandela 

“We value each donation we receive and personally visit the recipients to ensure your contribution is given to the ones in need.” -Jessica Tran , Co-Founder


Golden Hearts' mission is to improve lives of children in need through education.

We enable access to education for academically talented, but financially disadvantaged students in Vietnam who fit the following criteria:

1.  Demonstrable talents and desire; providing three (3) years of grades 8.0 and above.

2.  Demonstrable hardship; providing proof of poverty and a personalize assessment from our representative.

We passionately believe learning is the only way to a better quality of life; and at minimum, prepare them to pursue possible future opportunities, however small.

Through our dedicated team both in the USA and Vietnam, we have visited countless remote villages varying from regions in Southern, Central, Northern Vietnam, and Tonle Sap Cambodia.

We believe and make it our mission to do what we can to improve the overall well-being of children and hope to grant deserving individuals their chance towards a better future.

Are you looking to help?  It doesn't matter how big or small, you can make a difference! 

100% of your donation goes to recipients.

     Our co-founder Kieu Nguyen grew up in a less than fortunate family lacking many basic needs such as clothing, and a chance towards education. She fled the country for a better life for her family and future after the Vietnam war. She was able to attain her American dream, but could not forget those less fortunate and the connection of her past. Deep down inside, she's always dreamed of helping these children. Time and life moved on. Kieu raised a family of 3 children yet she continues to hold on to her dream of helping more than just her own. In 2010, her dream became reality in joint effort of her middle daughter, Jessica Tran, Golden Hearts became a reality. 

     With humble beginnings, the first meeting was a BBQ event held in the backyard of her residence with close friends. Today, Golden Hearts have helped hundreds of underprivileged children get an education and provided them with necessities. Their storied journeys are made possible by your generosity and shared belief that dreams can still come true, regardless of your circumstance.

​     We hope you'll join us in our quest to continue to help by not only donate but contribute to the efforts to pave the difficult road for those less fortunate.  

Our Humble Beginnings

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