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Mission Trip 2012

I have finally arrived in Vietnam, with a total of 14 boxes filled with candy, clothing, medicine, etc. for the unfortunate people who I will visit on my charity trip this time. Packing all of this with my mom has been so hectic for the past few weeks, but now that I've been able to bring it all across successfully, I am so relieved. All that hard work has clearly paid off. First off, I would like to thank everyone out there who has supported me from day one, who has had faith in me and has never failed to lend their hand and support when I need it. You guys mean so much and are the reason why I am in Vietnam on my charity trip today. Next, I would like to thank all the great people I have met this past year, who have given me your trust, unwavering faith, and motivation to carry me through this long journey, who although may not have known me personally, but was willing to give me a chance to voice my dreams and hopes in aiding the poor. I promise I will not let you down. Although this will be my 3rd charity trip in Vietnam, I know that this will be the longest and toughest journey I will be on. My mom and I will be traveling to very remote places on our trip this time, preparing all our gifts and donations to the poor by ourselves to ensure all your donations will go directly to the needy. It is going to be a long trip with a lot of sweat and tears, but I am prepared for it. Although sometimes I hear that some people say that I do all this work for the fame, I assure you that all this work I am putting in is purely from my heart and effort to making a difference in this world. Traveling to remote villages with lack of all the necessities we are so used to in the U.S. is definitely not easy. I am mentally and physically prepared for what lies ahead. It takes seeing situations and conditions like this that will keep me grounded and so blessed to live the life I have.  Like I've always said, even if the difference doesn't change their life, it will at least bring a smile to their faces during this tough time. Perhaps it is fate that I am crossing these people's paths, or they are crossing mine. Perhaps it is fate that you have crossed my path and have faith in me to carry your love to these people. Thank you once again for your support and love...You guys are the reason why I am here today on my journey to bring light and joy to the unfortunate. Stay tuned to follow my charity trips, I will update whenever possible :).

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