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Aug 11, 2012 - Ho Dang Village, Vung Tau

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Yesterday I successfully completed my journey to the 2nd destination for this charity trip. We left at around 1pm and arrived at this village at 5pm. On the way here, as we were approaching the village, looking around at the surroundings really bothered me. There were big signs showing resorts that were in the process of being built in this area. There were also hotels and resorts that had already been completed. Seeing such luxurious resorts scattered in an area that is predominated by people who are very poor really bothers me. The division in social class is ridiculous. Looking at the village, I really couldn't believe my eyes, another sight that I've never seen before. Seeing the children in this area was bitter sweet. They were so cute and adorable, but they were living in such poor living conditions. We passed out candy, clothing, slippers, stationary sets for school, and spent the whole night with the village on the beach. There were 25 families and 50 children total. We specifically selected 10 students with the best academic achievement and gave them the stationary sets to prepare them for school. The children were so happy to receive these gifts. It was so fulfilling to see the smiles on their faces and how they were so happy to see everyone come visit them. After passing out our gifts, we set up tents there and started a bonfire to make dinner for the night. The rest of the night was spent mingling with the children. Living in such a remote area, not many people come here. I am very glad I was able to make it out this far to bring love to these people. My plan was to camp out there, but by the end of the night, my mom was feeling unwell, so we had to head back to Saigon. Yesterday was such a wonderful trip and I truly enjoy the feeling of being able to bring smiles to these children's faces. Just my 2nd trip, and I think I jinxed immune system is letting me down :(. Everything is hazy now and I feel super dizzy. Hopefully I can keep up with all the destinations planned for this trip. Mommy and I are sitting at a coffee shop resting up for the next trip. 

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