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Aug 14, 2012 - Children Cancer Hospital

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Aug 14, 2012 - Children Cancer Hospital        

Arriving at The Cancer Hospital gave me a very unpleasant feeling. I had been here last year, and so I knew what to expect. I was expecting to see people laying around all over the hall ways and rooms packed with way too many patients, but somehow, what I saw made me feel even worse than last year. We prepared gift bags with candy, an assortment of crackers, and some money for the children. As our group was walking through the hallway approaching the children's area, I couldn't help but tear up, It was so sad to see children scattered all over, along with their parents who were taking care of them. Each room had around 15-20 people, more than there was room for. Children had to share beds and even had to lay under the beds. I feel so blessed I feel when I walk through this hospital. It's hard to describe a hospital in a 3rd world country, but basically, the conditions of this hospital are way below standard. It really bugs, me..., sometimes I wonder why life is so unfair. We're all human, yet all the people who are in this hospital have been brought upon a sad fate that they can not control. They have no way out. Many children were so adorable, but they looked so sad. There was one boy who was extremely cute, who kept hugging us and playing with us. After leaving the children's area, we went to the adult's section. It was the firs time in my life where I saw women who had breast cancer with tumors that were so huge. They had waited too long and were now just laying there to live day by day, hoping for the best. The looks on all their faces was so hard to bear. They were all in so much pain and were so miserable. Passing out money to these adults will not help them much, but hopefully they can do something with it that they wanted. Upon leaving the hospital, there were many people who kept pulling us back to ask for money. Even as we were leaving in our car, people were standing their knocking on our windows. Seeing how miserable people live really makes me cherish everything I have even more. 

Dec 25, 2012 - Children Cancer Hospital  

Christmas is a season that brings joy to many, especially children. It is only when you personally see this place with your own eyes will you truly be sympathetic of the pain these children and their families are suffering from. My Christmas was spent with the children here. I could remember over 30 people cramped in each room with children sharing beds, under the beds, lying all over the floor, waiting to be treated and not knowing if tomorrow even exists. The looks of sadness and hopelessness in their eyes is heartbreaking and brought tears to everyone in our group. These children are too young to have to bear with the pain of cancer. The pain associated with this disease along with having no finances for treatment only makes it worse for them and their family. This might probably be the last time these children can receive a present for Christmas.

We’d like to express our sincerest appreciation from the bottom of our hearts to sponsors, donors, and friends. We thank you for all for the faith and support you have given us.

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